Top 25 Gluten Free Trader Joe’s Finds


My love for Trader Joe’s runs deep. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if all the employees know me as the weird lady who comes hobbling in on the daily sporting sweat pants, messy hair, and a boot on her foot. (My summer was spent with a fractured foot. Holler!) It is not an exaggeration how addicted I am to this place and it’s for a very good reason!

They offer an abundance of gluten free foods and relatively healthy options…like dark chocolate peanut butter cups…and gluten free snickerdoodles. Okay, scratch the “relatively healthy” part. But hey, treat yourself! I’ve compiled a list of my top 25 favorite items to get at Trader Joe’s and the best part is they’re all gluten free and definitely cheaper than what you would pay at an alternative grocery store for the same quality. Lets get to it!

  1. Nuts & Trail Mix
    Trader Joe’s has literally a million different kinds of nuts from raw almonds to coconut cashews! You name it, they’ve got it. And for WAY less than you’ll find anywhere else. My favorite trail mix is the “tempting trek mix” full of chocolate and peanut butter flavors, and this “happy trekking” mix for a healthier option.
  2. Nut & Seed Butters
    20160813_104817   20160813_104632
    If you haven’t tried the sunflower seed butter, you’re in for a treat! Slightly sweet and salty, it’s incredible spread on toast or a banana for a fun treat! Of course I couldn’t leave out my one true love, peanut butter. Crunchy Salted is the bomb!
  3. Fruit Sweetened Jam

    I’m always looking for a low sugar jam option that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners (lookin at you, smuckers) and this raspberry fruit spread is the best! Sweetened with just fruit and no funky ingredients.
  4. Gluten Free Oats
    This ancient grain and super seed oatmeal is just a little heartier than traditional oats and full of texture. They also have plain gluten free rolled oats if you’d rather. TJs just released a GF muesli that I can’t wait to try in my yogurt!
  5. Meats
    20160813_104446  20160813_10450220160813_111932
    TRADER JOES, home of the cheapest Applegate turkey you will ever find. Not even joking, this is double the price at Whole Foods.No crap ingredients and so yummy on a sandwich! I eat one of their chicken sausages daily with eggs in the morning. Garlic Herb is my favorite, along with the spicy jalepeno and andouille. Apple Smoked Bacon, nuff said.
  6. Kombucha   
    Praise the Lord, TJs now has kombucha available in all stores! And my favorite brands are making an appearance. Lemon Ginger Health-Ade and GT’s Trilogy Forever and ever amen.
  7. Salsa Verde
    This salsa verde is so flavorful, but if you want a spicy option, check out the hatch chili salsa. I love to pour this over boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crock pot in the morning, and I have shredded salsa verde chicken ready for dinner.
  8. Chili Lime Turkey Burgers
    This is so great for dinner in a pinch! I love to top mine with jack cheese, tomato, and avocado for a super quick and delicious dinner.
  9. Caramelized Onion Cheddar
    THIS CHEEEEESE. I die. It’s the best thing in the whole wide world. Give me this, some crackers, and fruit and lets call it lunch, okay?
  10. Coconut Oil
    There are so many mixed feeling about coconut oil out there. Whether you’re using it to cook (like I do, especially if heating to high temperatures) or for cosmetic uses, this is a really great product for a wonderful price!
  11. Coffee

    This is my favorite coffee blend, along with the “pajaro” that I grind coarsely to make homemade cold brew. Relatively inexpensive and deep, rich flavors.
  12. Spices
    Trader Joe’s definitely has the cheapest spices around. They have blends in grinders, like lemon pepper, that are great too!
  13. Sprouted Rice

    If you have a hard time digesting grains like I do, sprouted is the best way to go! Way easier to digest and then you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out. This Sprouted Organic California Rice is a favorite of mine.
  14. Green Dragon Hot Sauce
    I was skeptical of trying this Green Dragon Hot sauce initially because I had previously had their “sriracha” and was pretty disappointed. BUT this green sauce is killer especially on eggs and crispy breakfast potatoes.
  15. Rx Bars
    SO happy to see that TJ’s has jumped on the Rx bandwagon. I love these bars because of the incredibly clean ingredients used. It’s basically a lara bar with added protein from egg whites. The texture is chewy (which I love) but some don’t. Buy one to try before purchasing multiple. The blueberry is the best!
  16. Blue Corn Chips
    I used to work at a restaurant that served theeeeee best blue corn chips and salsa. These ones are the closest I can find to the ones I remember and love so dearly. Dip these in any of their salsas for a special snack!
  17. Pasta Sauce
    It’s so difficult to find pasta sauces without any added sugar, but this one is my favorite! Simple ingredients and so delicious on any pasta.
  18. Dried Baby Bananas
    I have to admit I kind of laughed upon opening a package of these. They’re so freaking sad looking and shriveled up, but MAN are these addicting. So sweet and chewy, they make the perfect after dinner treat.
  19. Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas
    Chocolate covered frozen bananas. Need I say more? Sure, I could make these at home, but I’m lazy and these are 2 bucks sooooo they’ll be in my shopping cart every single time.
  20. Cookies
    20160813_114607   20160813_105242
    I could honestly double as the cookie monster. I’ve been known to down a row of those Joe-Joe’s in a sitting. Yes, I have a problem. Yes, I need help. Guess who’s here to help?! SNICKERDOODLES. Muahaha both these gluten free cookie options are to die for. Beware.
  21. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
    Now that we’ve established I have a sugar addiction, let’s just further the issue by throwing these Dark Chocolate PB Cups in the cart. Not joking, these are crack. On the rare occasion that I choose to have some self control, these are small and the perfect size for an after dinner treat…or 2.
  22. Maple Syrup
    I love love love baking with maple syrup as an alternative to white sugar. This option is truly an incredible price and won’t break the bank. Drizzle over pancakes, pour into homemade almond milk with cinnamon, use it for baking, the options are endless!
  23. Chocolate
    20160813_110537   20160813_110622
    TJ’s has a pretty great display of chocolate! Not that I would know, but the Dark Chocolate Lover’s Bar pairs amazingly with red wine, and the Extra Dark Chocolate Wedges are perfectly sized for snapping off a piece as a snack or after dinner treat!
  24. Frozen Fruit
    Inexpensive frozen fruit is hard to come buy, especially when looking for organic. All of their fruit is pretty cheap and perfect for tossing is morning smoothies.
  25. Coconut Cream
    Coconut Cream has so many uses! My favorites are using it to create luscious, creamy curry dishes, coconut whipped cream, and homemade dairy free ice cream! Grab a jar next time you go and find your favorite way to put it to use!

Thanks for following along through my favorite items to purchase at Trader Joe’s! I hope you discovered some new things to try. I promise you won’t be disappointed! What are your favorite TJ finds?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    Yay I love when people do lists of their TJs or Costco favs! I’d add the frozen brown rice, cowboy bark, bruschetta spread, and red boxed wine. I think at least half those have Gluten, whoops! Great post – keep em coming cuz!


    1. Oh my God, how did I forget the bruschetta?! LIFE CHANGING. xoxo


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