Road Trip Snacks!

Everyone knows that summer time means travel time! But for those with special dietary concerns, long road trips or flights may become just that…a concern. But it doesn’t have to be! Especially with a little prep work and dedication, you can rest assured that you and your tummy will be happy all the way to (and during!!) your vacation. Let’s take the stress out of worrying over food and snacks while on a trip so we can focus on what really matters, VACATION. Amen.

Here’s a list of my favorite road trip snacks:

photo 1

1. Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips

These veggie-packed chips from Trader Joe’s are great for dipping in hummus or salsa, or even on their own! On my last road trip, I stopped at Chipotle for a burrito bowl and a side of guac and used these chips instead of their greasy, fried ones. Win!

2. Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Crunchy, salty, sea-weedy, delicious. Beware of the wasabi version: NOT gluten free and the packaging looks very similar, but just as tasty I’m sure.

3. Freeze Dried Mango (or other fruit)

If you’re not planning on packing a cooler, opt for freeze dried fruit instead of fresh. It’s less calories than dried fruit, and I love the different texture. Such a yummy treat!

4. Emergency Bars

I don’t love to rely on protein bars for a meal or even a snack, but sometimes on the road it’s better to have one then be stuck without food! I pack Quest Bars, (cookie dough is the bomb! So is cookies and cream.) Lara Bars, and Barney’s Almond Butter packets in case I want to have an apple and almond butter as a snack 🙂

5. Plantain Chips

I love plantain chips as an alternative to regular chips. Trader Joe’s has an excellent brand that tastes miiiighty fine dipped in guac….because I’m guac obsessed if you can’t already tell.

6. Raw Nuts

Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Macadamia Nuts, you name it. Pack it. They provide such a good source of healthy fats and help keep you full!

7. Breakfast Cookies

These are my absolute favorite to have on hand when I need a quick breakfast or pick-me-up while road trippin!

8. Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

Sometimes on road trips McDonalds happens to be the only place in the middle of the night that’s open… and that’s okay because we’re prepared! Grab a salad with chicken and use your own dressing instead of their prepackaged grossness. You’ll be glad, I promise. (speaking from experience)

9. Chia Squeeze Packets

These little packets of chia goodness pack a serious omega-3 punch! Good for breakfasts, along with some extra protein, and awesome for car snacks, too.

10. Individual Almond Milks

Because when you’re lactose intolerant and need a coffee STAT, don’t be forced to order it with dairy milk when you have almond milk already packed. Remember…you’re on a road trip…in a car…with no bathroom. Get my drift? Yeah, bring almond milk.

11. Dolmas

Oh so tasty and they don’t need to be refrigerated. Check out Trader Joe’s! They have my favorite.

12. Kale Chips

Because if we can justify spending 6 dollars for kale chips consisting of approximately 4 stalks of kale total…now’s the time to do it.

photo 2

13. Quinoa/Oat/Chia Granola Bars

Monique is a genius, that is all. Here ya go…thank me later.

14. Maple Apple Turkey Sausage

Oh hey, whaddya know another Ambitious Kitchen recipe. These are MONAAAY and are perfect to have for breakfasts, along with some hard boiled eggs, or even one of those chia squeezes you have packed!

15. Fresh Veggies

If you’re packing a cooler, don’t forget your veg! Pre-chop some carrot sticks, celery, snap peas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, whatever you want!

16. Protein!!!

I like to have a deli meat packed in the cooler for road trips to wrap around a cucumber or carrot and dip in hummus. YUM. Sprout’s has a nitrate-free chicken breast deli meat that is killer!

17. Pre-made Salads

Beware of the pre-made salad selection: READ LABELS! Some of those salads are full of excess fat and sugar and nasty stuff that you don’t want to be putting in your body. These 2 from Trader Joes have my vote. The Citrus Chicken Salad and the Broccoli Slaw & Kale Salad are pretty good options if you ask me.

Road tripping and vacationing if you’re on a special diet can be scary, but grab yourself a couple of these recommendations and you’ll be totally set! What are your favorite road trip snacks???


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